Sunday, March 20, 2011


ANOTHER award????
gosh guys........ thanks.
=) =)
you guys make me smile =)

this one was from haze
thanks, haze.
umm.....rules...... uhhhhh.
one sec, i gots to go find them.
alrightyyyy...... 7 things, and 15 people.
FIFTEEN????? aaaggghhhh, killin me, killing me.

1. i had to go back to my other award posts, and reread them to make sure im giving out new facts =P silly me.
2. i love short little cars. (short in height). i want one soo bad. but i totally woldnt mind a mini cooper right now..
3. im a perfectionist in so many aspects, but my room is pretty messy a lot of the time
4. i had something i wanted to say about me, but i completely lost it =(
5. i always twist my hair into a bun if i know ill be driving with the windows down. else, itll become all tangled up, and i do not, under any circumstances, want that. it takes an hour to 2 hours to brush it out, depending on the severity of the tangles.
6. i love big poofy dresses, and i really really really want one.
7. i need to get ahold of myself =)

kay, thats all good and done.
now fifteen people.
 im trying, im trying.
l. a. speedwing
10 bitsy
11 yours truly
12 bag lady
13 bonnie
14 mamaface
15 brianne

wheeeeeeew. i got through it.
wow, that took a while.
next time, i hope i dont have to pick sooooo many people


Esther said...


Lauren said...

Aww thank you!!
Sorry I hadn't visited your blog yet! I'm a little scatter-brained when it comes to keeping track of my followers, haha :P But now I'm happy I did visit, because I pretty much love it ;)

~Lauren :)

sweet pea. said...

youre welcome very much, esther =D

lauren, youre welcome too =)
and its totally ok, i have a hard time keeping up with blogs too, so i understand =P
and thank you... =)

Miss Bleah Briann said...

Awesome sauce award! :D Katie definetly deserves it alone with I'm sure, everyone else on the list.

:D Great blog.


bbonnieblue said...

Thanks, sweet pea! You deserve this award not sure that I'm so styling!

sweet pea. said...

hahah. bonnie, you dont have to be sure. i think. i can be sure for you =P

Dean Grey said...

Congrats and thanks!!


Anon. said...

aww thanks :) where can I find it?


sweet pea. said...

thanks and youre welcome, dean.

anon. right here.

Becca said...

Your'e so sweet! Thanks gal!

L.A Speedwing said...

Gee Sweet Pea can you get any sweeter??? ;-) thank you thank you! I will check up later how this all works!

tegan said...

ahhh thank you so much!
you have such a pretty, unique blog :)

Brianne said...

Aww! Thanks a ton, Sweet pea! <3 You deserve it. :')

Bri Danae

Barry said...

Thanks Sweet Pea, you're awesome!!!


sweet pea. said...