Friday, July 19, 2013

living in the southernmost state
so close to the ocean
has its perks.

im in love with the sea.
the constant chaos
brings my thoughts to peace
puts my mind at ease

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

remember that, will you?

and when youve said everything.
when every single thing you have ever wanted to say
has finally been said and uttered and spoken and spat
when your reservoir of vocabulary has been spent
when it has been cleaned out and every word has been used
when there is not a single word left inside
when there is not even a thought of a word

that is when.

THAT is when you will realize
you will finally realize that i was waiting
ive been waiting, all this time, for you
for you to say everything you wanted to say.
and to say it to me. by yourself. without my help.

and youll know.

that i knew.
(even though you thought i didnt)

and youll be sure.

that i loved you.
(even if you werent sure i did)

and youll understand.

that i understood.
(even though you were convinced i couldnt)

i didnt choose to love you.

and none of your faults
none of your scars and imperfections
cracks and tears and bruises
patches, glued and taped up pieces
can make me love you less.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

my place

and im back
i came back.
i always come back.
this is my place,
the part of the universe where
i am just that sweet pea girl
and where i can openly
express myself.
and the beings who see it
will equal more than just me.

i was thinking.
how this world is so cruel
so so so unfair.
and yet
we are required to respect it.
and we still love it
and i still hope
that someday, somehow
something will be fair.

i dont know
when ill be back
but i always am
i always come back.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


how you do this is baffling.

i talk to you, i dont talk to you.
i havent talked to you in almost a year.
you saw me, surprised me.
i talked to you. for quite long.
i let you know my situation.
we talked.
it was nice.
i really enjoy conversing with you.

you still give me butterflies
how you do baffling.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013


happy new year, people.
when i get around to it,
i shall make some kind of list
and post it here.
till then, i might post something else.
maybe not.

i love you all =)