Friday, April 20, 2012


today, i realized why i like being in new/unfamiliar places.

if people dont talk to me,
or i feel left out,
i know its probably because
im a stranger, and they dont know me.

but when im not talked to
and am left out
in a place where i know everyone,
its a bit......

at the moment,
im terrified to go on the trip.
keep me in your prayers.

ps. i hate the new blogger layout.

Saturday, April 07, 2012


so um.
missionary trip.
with a group.
to ukraine.
in a little town-almost-city.
for 3-6 months.
oh yes.

i just need a passport.

but the Lord will take care of me =)

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

as for here..

slowly, slowly.
they stop including me in things
and forgetting about me.
no the first time, but i still cant help but wonder

im okay.
still having a lovely time here at bible school.
but the going gets tough sometimes.
especially at the times when somethings up
and i no have any one to talk to

makes me miss my sister.
i dont tell her everything,
but at least i know she's there
at least i know she'll listen.

i get homesick sometimes
which is funny,
because "home" no longer feels like home.
neither does here.
i dont know where home is.
i have no home =/
Heaven is home.

perhaps i shall become a nomad.
live nowhere and everywhere for a while.

ha. that'll be the day.

im having mixed feelings about june.
i want this to end, so i can see where life leads me,
but i so want it not to come to an end
i love it here so much, and all the people.
people i met 3 months ago
and now consider family.
i feel as though im in a different world.

God will take care of His own.