Tuesday, November 29, 2011

this here.

what with school
and work
and church
and life
and everything in between,

i tend to forget that i actually have a blog.
and i forget that i actually have followers.
as in, people who actually read what i write.

and so i forget to come here and write.
even though i want to.
and when i remember,
i get distracted.
and distracted.
and distracted.
and i end up forgetting.

school is almost over,
theres about 2 or 3 weeks left.
im very excited, but nervous too.

if i get good grades on
my last few assignments,
i may pass all my classes with As.

wouldnt that be something.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

what youre like

something i love, but cant live with.

something i hate, but cant live without.

a yin

a yang

my yin to my yang

youre my other half
but i cant stand you.

what am i to do with you?

Friday, November 18, 2011

happy birthday

today is your birthday.
im not sure if i'll ever forget.

two years ago today,
i thought you were dead.
i had a terrible day.
i cried.

one year ago today,
i was limping along
waiting for a burned leg
to heal.

i will work all day long.
and i may think of you
i might not.

but either which way,
i hope you have
a lovely birthday.
take care of yourself.

"all we are is dust in the wind."

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

this song

this song
pulls at the strings
of my heart

Thursday, November 10, 2011


i love my family.
i truly love my siblings.

they make me laugh,
they keep me entertained,
they provide reality checks.

sure, they hurt me,
they make me cry,
they anger me to the point of busting a fuse.

but they are my family.
something i will always have.
and im so thankful for them.

i will miss them terribly.

i was needing a few changes in my life.
changes are slowly happening.
im doing something personally difficult
something sad, like leaving
and something unbelievably exciting

life is good.

only 4 more weeks of school after tomorrow.

Friday, November 04, 2011


i want a typewriter.

.......bring peace to the
one who couldnt find it

he's like that.
he'd like to make such a difference
in an unsuspecting life

when he bought the typewriter,
they told him it was new.
at first he believed it.
that lasted about 2 pages.

from there,
it seemed as though the words
willed themselves onto the paper.
he hardly had time to think them
that is, if he thought of them at all.

his fingers flew over the keys
and the worlds splattered themselves,
black on white,
some letters darker than the rest.

what he ended up writing
turned out heart-wrenching
instead of heartwarming
like he had planned.

happened more than once, too.
he would start up a piece,
thinking about it,
how he would make it warm
and comforting
and finished with something
that tore at his heart

once, he became so mad
he threw his drink at the wall.
never bothered with the stain
"whats the point" he said
the room's not even painted anyway.
he crumpled ripped and shredded
countless pages
yet somehow always rewrote them.

after a few weeks,
he accepted it.
he was convinced that the typewriter
was once owned by someone
so desperate
to let out thoughts
and anguish
and tried
but could not find the words.

so he decided
he would finish it.
hes dedicated his time and patience
and his heart
to exhaust that typer.
to pull every
out of it.
and maybe somehow
bring peace to the
former owner.

he's like that.
he'd like to make such a difference
in one so unsuspecting...