Thursday, September 29, 2011


if every single day for the rest of my life
(except maybe 50 TOTAL)
go like tuesday, wednesday,
and thursday have gone,

i would be
a deliriously happy camper.

i have been having the most wonderful
most spectacular, most magnificent
marvelous days of great fantastic days
in the last few days.

i have been unbelievably happy
(actually, its believable.
it was just.....i dont know,
different somehow)

but anyway, the best. days. ever.

to recount them in a nutshell:
woke up at 6. SIX IN THE MORNING. let me just go out and say that i am not a morning person. i wish i was, i try to be, but im just not. i hate waking up, and im a grumbly mess in the morning. but. i woke up at 6, just fine, and happy and dandy. i babysat an adorable little girl for 6 hours she made me laugh, and she didnt cry. it was simply wonderful. then i went to school, and it wasnt bad at all. i had a lovely time in each of my classes, and i had fun. AND i went home a little early after my last class. which gave me enough time to make it to choir practice. i can hardly ever make it these days because of school =/ but i got to be there. =D
i woke up around 10 or so. i went to work. supposed to work till 3, worked till 3:30. had SO MUCH FUN. i love work. how i just love being at work. i laughed and danced and smiled and greeted people and complimented and giggled and had a great time all throughout. i went home, did something that i cant remember, but it was fun. then i had worship practice (singing), and had a fantastic time there too. not a negative thought in the premises. <3
woke up around 10. i finally finally FINALLY registered my car. MY CAR!!! I FINALLY HAVE  A CAR ALLLLL MY OWN, that belongs solely to me, that is mine mine mine and all mine, that i can boss around that i can shower love on that i can take care of that i can pamper that i can drive however i want that i can trash and clean and vacuum and wash and just do whatever i want. oh my, its such a good feeling. MY car. yep, i like the sounda that. i had school, and it was fine. i came home and it was good. watched a bunch of videos and laughed a lot.

and thanks to the universe
for treating me with such love.
im having great, fantastic days.

come on friday,
i would like to see what you have for me.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


i actually want to be homesick

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

but you see

when we're really busy
- way too busy -
with life;
living life, catching life,
being what life needs us to be,

we stop.

and look around.
and realize

that maybe this isnt
what ive always wanted

(even though it is)
but maybe it isnt.

and then we look around
i look around

and realize
maybe, just maybe
that what i want most in this world

is difficult,
but not impossible,
to obtain.

that if i really, really, really
want to do something,
i should.
no matter what it costs me.

even if it means
with a lot of obstacles
with some disapproval
with my weaknesses

what if its worth it,
in the end?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

and alas, i am already older.

Friday, September 16, 2011

little update

sucks to not remember your dreams
when you spent the first decade
and a half of your life
remembering them so vividly.

funny, i dont really
consider myself a writer

i may be leaving,  come january
and if i do, i will be so excited.
more excited than the early bird
who got the worm
and now has a french fry.
ill know for sure towards december.

school is not so difficult
but its most definitely not easy.
im trying, though. i really am.

i have no idea whats with my moods
im so happy most days.
kind of happy.
and then some days, im just...
mopey and gloomy and sad.

i finally got my voice back
oh how ive missed it
3-4 weeks without a voice
is equivalent to near torture.
im soo glad its back.

life isnt easy,
but its great

Saturday, September 10, 2011


i have been neglecting my saturdays =/

i know!!!

i know for sure what i shall become.

i shall....





what do you think?