Friday, September 16, 2011

little update

sucks to not remember your dreams
when you spent the first decade
and a half of your life
remembering them so vividly.

funny, i dont really
consider myself a writer

i may be leaving,  come january
and if i do, i will be so excited.
more excited than the early bird
who got the worm
and now has a french fry.
ill know for sure towards december.

school is not so difficult
but its most definitely not easy.
im trying, though. i really am.

i have no idea whats with my moods
im so happy most days.
kind of happy.
and then some days, im just...
mopey and gloomy and sad.

i finally got my voice back
oh how ive missed it
3-4 weeks without a voice
is equivalent to near torture.
im soo glad its back.

life isnt easy,
but its great

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