Thursday, September 29, 2011


if every single day for the rest of my life
(except maybe 50 TOTAL)
go like tuesday, wednesday,
and thursday have gone,

i would be
a deliriously happy camper.

i have been having the most wonderful
most spectacular, most magnificent
marvelous days of great fantastic days
in the last few days.

i have been unbelievably happy
(actually, its believable.
it was just.....i dont know,
different somehow)

but anyway, the best. days. ever.

to recount them in a nutshell:
woke up at 6. SIX IN THE MORNING. let me just go out and say that i am not a morning person. i wish i was, i try to be, but im just not. i hate waking up, and im a grumbly mess in the morning. but. i woke up at 6, just fine, and happy and dandy. i babysat an adorable little girl for 6 hours she made me laugh, and she didnt cry. it was simply wonderful. then i went to school, and it wasnt bad at all. i had a lovely time in each of my classes, and i had fun. AND i went home a little early after my last class. which gave me enough time to make it to choir practice. i can hardly ever make it these days because of school =/ but i got to be there. =D
i woke up around 10 or so. i went to work. supposed to work till 3, worked till 3:30. had SO MUCH FUN. i love work. how i just love being at work. i laughed and danced and smiled and greeted people and complimented and giggled and had a great time all throughout. i went home, did something that i cant remember, but it was fun. then i had worship practice (singing), and had a fantastic time there too. not a negative thought in the premises. <3
woke up around 10. i finally finally FINALLY registered my car. MY CAR!!! I FINALLY HAVE  A CAR ALLLLL MY OWN, that belongs solely to me, that is mine mine mine and all mine, that i can boss around that i can shower love on that i can take care of that i can pamper that i can drive however i want that i can trash and clean and vacuum and wash and just do whatever i want. oh my, its such a good feeling. MY car. yep, i like the sounda that. i had school, and it was fine. i came home and it was good. watched a bunch of videos and laughed a lot.

and thanks to the universe
for treating me with such love.
im having great, fantastic days.

come on friday,
i would like to see what you have for me.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad your days have been going well. Hopefully, everyday becomes a happy day!
I love waking up in the morning! Between 6am and 7:30am to a gorgeous bike ride! and breakfast! :)
Have fun in your car!


Shauna said...

Hi sweetpea. Wow - the Universe
has been spoiling you, and I'm sure
you deserve it, sweetie.

Heather said...

Your happiness warms my wintery heart, thank you for your joy :) <3

sweet pea. said...

heather, youre back!!!

will your blog ever be back?