Saturday, November 08, 2008

map and dot.
this is for yous.

dont be sad.
not for me.
im not worth it.
not worth your hurt.
im not.
dont cry.
not for me.
im not worth it.
not worth your tears.
im really not.
dont be mad.
not at me.
im not worth it.
not worth your anger.
honestly. im not.
dont stay awake.
not because of me.
im not worth it.
not worth your lack of sleep.
im not. for real.
and please.
dont worry.
not about me.
im not worth it.
not your peace of mind.
absolutely not.

find a drop of happiness.
a hint of a smile.
a smidgen of forgiveness.
an ounce of sleep.
and some serenity.
for me.

i cant stand it.
when youre sad.
when youre hurt.
when you cry.
when youre angry.
when you lose sleep.
when you worry.

all for me.
so please.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

so it doesn't rhyme.
i don't.

i see idiots.
they're everywhere.
i see them.
they surround me.
there's so many.
i can't take it.
just too many.
i can't survive.
they take my air.
i suffocate.
they all look the same.
i can't breathe...
i'm terrified.
they're coming for me.
all in a group.
for me, the prisoner.
my knees buckle.
everything goes black.
i fall.
the idiots.
they got me.
they have me.
there's no escape.
"hey. HEY!
are you alright?
you just like,
blacked out on me!
what's wrong?"
and then i remember,
it was just my brother
performing a pantomime.
close call.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

i am currently working on something
ive made up for someone i happen to like.

itll come along.
.....i doubt anyone reads this anyways....

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

umm, i dont know.
and im not sure
what to name it.

You're the one that makes me happy
You're the one that makes me sad
You're the one that has me cheerful
You're the one that gets me mad.

You're the one that makes me smile
You're the one that makes me cry
You're the one i love "hello" ing
And i hate to say goodbye

You are there when i get angry
Then you're still there when i'm not
There to help me get right over it,
Whether I've been fighting, slapped, or boxed

You're the one that i remember
You're the one i can't forget
You'll be in my heart forever
And you're the one i won't regret

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Letter to my God


give me Eyes
so i can see
everything You've done for me

give me Ears
so i can hear
what You tell me, crystal clear

give me Feet
so i can walk
where You want me to and talk

give me Tongue
so i can speak
with Your word strengthen the weak

give me Mind
so i cant think
answers to problems, quick as a wink

give me Hands
so can heal
in Your name, solve ordeals

give me Body
so i can use it
set examples, and not abuse it

give me Heart
so i can follow
fill it up to not be hollow

and give me Soul
so i can feel
everything, as if its real.



i came up with this
in a total of
about 8 minutes

i try to be real sweet
to everyone i meet
but it doesn't always work
some people are just jerks

"you try tooo hard" they'll say
"come back another day"
"we dont need you to pretend
and, like, sit here and offend"

those people really get to me
they should all just go and die
but that's not nice to wish on anyone
so i'll kindly say goodbye

and keep on being nice to them
well you know, its just not fair
to go and be a jerk to someone
cause they act like they dont care

Sunday, May 11, 2008

i am on a roll yos.

make sure you check much
for the next little while.
ill try to be posting often.




new years

ok i know its like.. may,
but better late than never.

just pretend its january.

it seemed this year would never come
it seemed so far away
but now that it is here with us,
we wish the old would stay.

2007 went so slow
but now on looking back,
everything just flew on through
and we cant bring it back

we've gained a lot of friends that year
and maybe lost a few.
just remember to forgive them, always,
and they'll most likely forgive you.

we've had our goods, our bads,
our not-so-greats
but we all got through just fine,
and now wih this year
already here,
we'll go through another time.

so Happy New Years everyone
and may God bless you too,
never let your friendships die,
and to all your pals, stay true.

welcome the new year, one and all
let it come, let it soar, let it fly
Welcome, Welcome 2008!!
2007, so long, farewell, goodbye.

what happened?

i wrote this back in june or july
but i never had time to post it.
also, i never figured out
who to dedicate it to.
but whatever.
here it is.....

We used to be good friends
what happened?
We used to laugh together
what happened?
We used to act like freaks
well, what happened?
We used to talk like friends
what happened?
We used to be real close
but what happened?
What happened to the past?
back when we could still
actually smile at each other
Those days when we just....
when we just didnt care
What happened to all that?
What happened to our friendship?
Life, sweetie.
Life happened.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

when you get a case
of lonliness
and you think nobody's there
to love support and listen
or to show they even care,
just reach into your pocket
and pull out this little card
(nothing could be easier
when life seems really hard)
and every time you read it
it will help remind you too,
a very special part of me
is always there, with you.