Sunday, May 11, 2008

new years

ok i know its like.. may,
but better late than never.

just pretend its january.

it seemed this year would never come
it seemed so far away
but now that it is here with us,
we wish the old would stay.

2007 went so slow
but now on looking back,
everything just flew on through
and we cant bring it back

we've gained a lot of friends that year
and maybe lost a few.
just remember to forgive them, always,
and they'll most likely forgive you.

we've had our goods, our bads,
our not-so-greats
but we all got through just fine,
and now wih this year
already here,
we'll go through another time.

so Happy New Years everyone
and may God bless you too,
never let your friendships die,
and to all your pals, stay true.

welcome the new year, one and all
let it come, let it soar, let it fly
Welcome, Welcome 2008!!
2007, so long, farewell, goodbye.

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