Monday, March 07, 2011

i make it a point to be the friendliest person i know.
well, because
because i know what  its like
i know what it feels like to be shunned
to be ignored
to be forgotten
and i dont like seeing it felt
therefore, im friends with everyone.


Heather said...

Don't spread yourself too thin, you deserve to be loved and befriended too. You're amazing.
<3 xx

lisa said...

Stephen oh Stephen
This ,your therapist will get a chuckle out of all I copied ,ha ha

You Keep on pushing that mind of yours
one day sweetie ,you will be rich and famous ,you will be remembered !!

just think sweetie ,you be able to afford ,your new love ,without mommy ,supporting you both ,
Or just maybe ,your mommy could high your new love as her new maid ,and she will fit right in with all that are care takers of her yard

you little devil you ,this fame in creation is so rewarding and touching ,How you spend wasting Time to create such Rewarding Fame for me ,Wow!! you are amazing man ,now writing a novel ,how do you find the time

have a nice life aaron,anwii,awniii40,Rob,calkid,oh silly me ,I forget ,you have many user names and male or female ,just so convincing ,you make all look like pretty little Idiots

isn't life perfect ,I think so

today is great ,you look so stupid aaron ,as you just don't hold the facts about nothing smiling
Get a Divorce sheeshh

sweet pea. said...

=) thanks heather <3

lisa. who are you, and why are you demeaning people here? especially people i dont even know exist...

Becca said...

Sweet Pea:
I got the exact same comment on my blog-I'm wondering if it's some sort virus or weird thing. It's rude whatever it is!

I think you're a great person! I liked your post. It's always important to treat those with kindness and the way you want to be treated!

bbonnieblue said...

I love your are a great person and writer.

sweet pea. said...

becca. thats really weird. maybe its some sort of spam? who knows...
and thank you =)
i agree that you should always treat everyone with kindness. karma.... it just has a way of coming back much much worse. so why not just be nice in the first place.

bonnie. thank you =)

Becca said...

I thought of you today dear. Someone in my office is destined to get something back because they were ridiculously horrible today. They were NOT treating others the way I'm sure they want to be treated!

sweet pea. said...

becca. sigh, why do people have to be so horrible?

L.A Speedwing said...

I understand that but what Heather is true. Don´t underestimate yourself. You deserve to be loved any way!

sweet pea. said...

=] thanks to you guys