Monday, March 07, 2011

dear body

my feet hurt
my bones hurt
my lungs hurt
my organs hurt
my muscles hurt
dear body.
what did i do??

im sorry.
dont be mad at me, dont put me through this.
these pains are bearable, but they are not pleasant.
stop. i not like =/

my heart aches.


Heather said...

Dear Sweatpea's body, please don't hurt so much.

bbonnieblue said...

hope tomorrow is a better day for your body.

Becca said...

I also hope tha tomorrow is a better day for you and your body!

Anonymous said...

the body can heal itself in just a matter of days... but the heart, darling, i hope it gets well too very soon.

sweet pea. said...

heather. i think it might have listened to you... hm.

thanks bonnie. it was a little better.

and thank you, haze.

sweet pea. said...

becca. thank you too