Wednesday, March 23, 2011


oh my. those are some gorgeous swords.
click here
but my shield is happiness.
its what i use to steer clear of all which is unneeded.
doesn’t it hurt? yep.
doesn’t it cut deep inside? oh yes.
shouldn’t i be crying, weeping, writhing in pain? i would think so.
then why am i still so happy? so cheerful, so chipper?
well. i say its because all the pain, sadness, negativity, it was stopped. stooped by the wall of joy i built around myself. i built it for this, you know. for protection. inside, i know it wont protect me forever, but itll shield me for the time being. happiness is invulnerability, and i could use a healthy dose of it. honestly, who wouldn’t like a dose of it? nothing hurts you, youre invincible. its like a dream come true. only its not. it is, sadly, short lived. the sorrow and pain build up over time, they become stronger, they gain intensity. and then, in a moment of vulnerability, they bust down my walls, break my sturdy, loving shield of happiness, and claim me.
that is, until more happy comes to my rescue.


Anonymous said...

aw. darling, this is beautiful :)

Helen said...

I really enjoyed your description of happiness .. its disappearing and reappearing patterns.

Becca said...

Love it

L.A Speedwing said...

WOW!!! Wow! really wow! Loving it! Love the idea, the metaphor, the intensity of the feeling.
By the way, I wrote a poem for you yesterday:
I do hope you will like it.

sweet pea. said...

thanks, haze =)

thanks to you too, helen. glad you enjoyed it.

becca =)

why thank you, LA =)
ooh, a poem?? for me??? i shall run right over there and check it out. =D

Tess Kincaid said...

Happiness is a choice, and a powerful emotion. Nice.

sweet pea. said...

thanks tess.