Tuesday, March 22, 2011

the weather, and other things

oh. my. goodness.
the weather was beautiful today.
and that, coming from me, is a lot.
(i dont use the world beautiful in everyday conversation. or really, in any conversation. i just dont use that adjective.....)
but it was, it really was.
i walked outside, and was greeted by the perfectness of the air.
warm, but not too hot, and the slightest breeze.
the sky........ oh my, the sky was so unbelievably blue.
so so so so so so so so blue, with zero clouds
not a cloud ANYWHERE (i would know. i actually looked for one.)
i was just like "wow. days like this certainly do not happen often."
if i liked cold water, even remotely,
it would be perfect pool weather.
seeing as i despise water thats cold,
it was perfect walking around weather.
and yet i did not walk around.
i slept till 2.
catching up on much needed sleep.
my deprived body loved it, but my brain had its own feelings.
i woke up with a tremendous, splitting headache.
its better now, but still hurts a little.
and then i had to work.
still, it was an amazing-weathered day.
if i didnt have to work, id probably have gone for a nice walk.
todays weather, i think, marks the end of winter.
no more cold days and freezing nights.
no more hoodie as a pj
no more 2 or 3 blankets to sleep under
no more pajama pants
no more sweaters/jackets
no more, no more, no more.
bring yourself on, spring.

i have decided.
i must go spring shopping.
invest in as many cute, flowy skirts as i can
spend spend spend on adorable sundresses.
sandals, maybe a hat? sunglasses?
so much to buy.
im slightly excited =)))

in other news, i FINALLY caught up with reading updated blogs.
maybe i follow a tad too many blogs?
nah, that cant be it.
maybe i dont read fast enough.. =P


Lauren said...

Yay spring!! And ooh goodness, sleeping till 2. That's positively lovely. Though, oddly enough, if I stay in bed that long, I always end up with a headache as well! Hmmm maybe it's a sign ;)

Anonymous said...

i'm happy that you are enjoying the weather... :) it's cloudy in here, but still sunny... :)

sweet pea. said...

lauren. hahah, maybe its just our bodies just trying to tell us that we shouldnt give them TOO much sleep =P

haze, sorry that its cloudy there..... me, i dont really mind clouds at all...

Becca said...

Wish I was experiencing that great weather!

Can we go sun dress shopping together? I want a flowery, flowy sun dress with a cute sun hat, and want to just dance around in a flower field!

sweet pea. said...

becca. it really is amazing weather right now, im going to be very sad when its time for it to leave..

yeah, we can totally go shopping together!! im in definite need of some very very flowery dresses, perfect for twirling. in a field of flowers.

InvisibleDisorderedOne said...

That happened to me to about 2 weeks ago. The weather was SO perfect hear in Texas that I HAD to go do my usual interval routine outside. (That says A LOT because I hate "public displays of perspiration" and I hate for people to see me working out.)

Yay! Spring shopping is fun :)

sweet pea. said...

its awesome that you could go and work out in the awesome weather.

i really need to make some time for some spring shopping =P