Wednesday, March 09, 2011

and you say the sweetest things
and you say them in the cutest way
and you make my heart beat slightly faster
and you make my breath go slightly shallow
and you dont melt my heart,
but you get pretty close
and you make me smile
and you make me bashful
and you make my tummy all fluttery
and you make me feel like a little girl
and you make my mind cloudy for a minute

without speaking a word
without being anywhere near me

the written word has power
its like magic
but better


Anonymous said...

oh, my sweet little pea :) this is so nice and innocent, and true, and sweet... i just love it!♥

also, thanks for following, dear.

Heather said...

Like magic, but so much better.
Unknown magic, magic you couldn't imagine.
Everyday is a little better with that magic.
Thank you. <3

sweet pea. said...

well thank you, haze =)
and anytime.

just like.
you have such a good way of saying/explaining things, heather.

7upkels said...

You have a very very lovely blog, and a very lovely way of saying things. Love love love!

Leigh said...

beautiful!!! :)

sweet pea. said...

thank you, 7upkels.

leigh, =)

Natalie Suarez said...

LOVE IT! yes it is better than magic! :)

sweet pea. said...


Becca said...

Lovely my dear!

sweet pea. said...


Stephanie said...

This is cute--and not in a patronizing way. I like it.


sweet pea. said...

thanks, stephanie