Thursday, March 31, 2011

carrying on

you know how when youre a kid, and you want to show your friend something really really cool that you can do with an object, and they just will not give it to you...... you know that feeling??
and when they finally FINALLY give you the object (after youve gotten mad at them), you get all excited about it all over again, and show them with enthusiasm?
i was never like that. well, maybe i was, in my very young years, but i do not remember ever being that way. if my friend kept something away from me long enough for me to get upset about it, all will was demolished. after that level of upsettedness, i no longer wanted the toy, and i no longer wanted to show them the really cool thing.
im still like that.
when im telling a story, and im interrupted 38563420456 times, or if the one being told is not listening or pretending not to listen, or if they just do annoying things to spite me, i get upset. and i no longer want to tell my story. and this line, "noo, tell me. i wanna hear it. i really do, i want to. tell me." does not work. if you wanted to hear my story, you would have listened.


PerfectingmyEmptiness said...

sweet pea, i understand you so gooood:))i am just like that, but how come you have posted this?i mean you can post whatever you want, but what triggered the post?

rivercat said...

i think we can all be quilty of that if we have something really intense going on that overcomes our normal courtesy to be a good listener. It also gets me pissed too and most of the time, its probably just that the person is being an inconsiderate ahole :)

Becca said...

Oh my gosh I totally know what you're talking about! I get so frustrated when I'm talking to someone and I'm looking at them talking, and they have to ask me what I said again right after I've finished. It's like, "Oh I'm sorry I'm not as important as that car driving by that you're starting at."

bbonnieblue said...

instantly makes me feel bad when their eyes wander...especially if its the beginning of a conversation.

Mama Zen said...

I am exactly the same way!

L.A Speedwing said...

Hi sweet pea, I do see what you mean. I am exactly who or what you are referring to (with the toy) but I know people who says "yeah I am listening when in fact they are playing you along" can be yeah well, you said it...damn annoying. Thank you for being you though.

sweet pea. said...

PmE: i dont know, really. i was just thinking, and then i thought about it, and then i decided to do a post about it. i suppose it was just a whim =P

rivercat: its not really the fact that theyre not a good listener... i dont mind repeating myself if they honestly didnt hear me. its when they just listen to a whole story, and then say, "did you just say something? were you talking to me?"

becca: it really does leave one quite frustrated.

bonnie: if their eyes wander at the beginning of a conversation, then they must have a short attention span =P

mama zen: =)

speedwing: its fine if they do it once or twice, as a joke. because jokes are funny, theyre meant to be laughed at. but its when they do it like EIGHT TIMES in a row that it gets annoying.. =P

Anonymous said...

yeah thats a lil true ;p it annoys me when people interrupt me aaaall the time it just makes me want to yell at them ;p