Tuesday, March 01, 2011

blue or Blue?

for my friend.

whenever your day starts to feel Blue,
look on the brighter side.
dont think about the color blue as an emotion
because that means sad or depressed.
think instead of what it means:
calmness, relaxation.
and relax.
and feel better.



Yours Truly said...

I heard somewhere the best shade of blue for promoting the feeling of happiness was robin's egg!

I came to delete my post, it was really about dejavu and waking dreams and things I don't know how to explain. It came out strange and nerve wracking! But I was struck by your comment to make a comment!

Ug. Bad dreams.
First love? Ugh!

Life is never easy. Days after are easy in a different way altogether. I think maybe it's about embracing the good, the bad and all and still come up smiling.
In the end, only thing I remember is that it's all about giving.
Tough business!


HeatherSays said...

I like this a lot.

sweet pea. said...

thanks, heather.

Becca said...

I will remember this the next time I feel blue!

sweet pea. said...

becca, <3