Friday, December 03, 2010


it's so strange.
i'm getting so many dropper-by-ers.
i'm not accustomed to all the attention.
hello dear people that happened to stumble upon my little blog.
welcome =)
do let me know how you came across me.
i hope you find something here that strikes your interest.
and even if you don't, thats quite alright.
i don't think i could please everyone even if i tried.
which i won't, but just sayin.

have a lovely day


bbonnieblue said...

you are just such a sweet pea - how can we not check up on you???


Rebecca said...

I happen to be a dropper-by-er today and really like your blog!

a sweet pea. said...

bonnie, you always leave me such nice comments =)

rebecca. thanks =)
im happy to know you enjoy my little writing space.