Wednesday, December 08, 2010

rant time

don't you just love it??? i love it so much when people try to convince me that they know what's best for me. when they somehow think they can take care of me better than i can take care of myself. when they get it into their heads that they know what's best for me, even though i've known myself for a significant number of years longer than they've even been aware that i exist.
more often than not, these "lessons" are about my sleeping schedule..... or lack thereof. now, to be fair, i will admit that i do not have a 'normal' - or anywhere near normal - schedule for sleeping. i fall asleep when i do, sleep when i can, and wake up when i must (or occasionally, when my body lets. not necessarily when i must). whether it be twenty minutes or twelve hours, that's how it is. i do not like to be awakened either. usually, for about an hour after i am pulled out of my peaceful, blissful slumber, i am a very grouchy, grumbly, agitated being. i tend to snap, and make biting remarks. i also give the death glare. i just don't like waking up.
that said, i go on. people seem to enjoy telling me that i sleep too much. that i go to bed too late, i don't wake up early enough. that my body only needs 7, or at the most, 8 hours of sleep a night. that i need to train my body to wake up 7 or 8 hours after i fall asleep. that i should do this and that, do it this way and that way.
so let me get this straight. you've known me for all of ____ amount of time. (usually its within the first few months or so.) you have never seen me in the late evenings, you've never seen me go to bed, you do not know anything about my nights, and YOU'RE telling ME that i need to do these things??? yeah, no thank you. my body needs 9 hours of sleep a night. nine. not seven, and not eight. i'm tired, sluggish, and easily aggravated when i get less. also, i'm an unwilling insomniac. not every night, but it happens. what's insomnia? it's when you can't sleep!! like, no matter what. i do not try to not sleep. on the contrary, i try to sleep it doesn't work.
another thing, i do not wake up very well until my body is rested. it does not matter how much i have slept, my body decides when it's gotten enough rest. there has been more than one instance when i slept through my alarm (and that thing is loud) because i was not rested enough.
so thank you for your "concern," but you don't know my body. you really don't even know me. so let me be. would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
oh how i love it so absolutely crazy much. in the most sarcastic way possible.


a sweet pea. said...


Yours Truly said...

I used to have the same issues with people. I've had troubles sleeping since I was 12. I go through phases where I won't ever sleep, then I'll be sleeping all the time.
Plus, I most definitely sleep best when it's daylight out. I don't know what that's all about,, but I get the best sleep really early in the morning until about 9/10. Or late afternoons :D

There isn't much you can do to deal with it except ignore it. Don't justify yourself to anybody. Don't feel you have to explain.
Get a night shift job? lol

Rebecca said...

Someone once told me that, "People judge themselves by their intent" In this scenario I'm sure that "people" have the best intentions for you at heart--but I think if you're past the age of 16...which I think you can decide for yourself what type of sleep cycles work best for you...I feel the same way that sometimes people try to butt in and tell you what it best for you, but really their unsolicited advice is more annoying then appreciated. Hang in there...

a sweet pea. said...

yours truly.
yep, i totally know what you mean. except i don't really have any certain times where i sleep best. i just kinda doze off when i do..... and then wake up when i do. its been like that ever since i was a little girl, so personally, im used to it.

im sure they do have best intentions for me, but honestly. if i was still very young and asking for help with it, i wouldn't really mind their advice. but im not that young. i can take care of myself. i've gotten accustomed to it over all this time.... you know?

it just aggravates me how some people persistently do not leave me alone about it. without my asking for their help.
even if i tell them i do not need their help, they still insist on throwing in their 2 cents worth.
oh well. ill deal with them.

Rebecca said...

I totally understand! It would annoy me too if people constantly hounded me about something particular about my life that I am aware of and can deal with on my own! You're a big girl, if you need help, you'll ask for it!

bbonnieblue said...

dear sweet pea = I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that you are like my best friend. She is a beautiful, free spirit and I think that others that criticize her are actually jealous of her.

Don't let anyone change who you are whether its your hair, your sleep habits or how you dance...
you are unique and lovely.

Don't let their insecurities hamper your lifestyle. Stay sweet and don't change anything about yourself.


Your friend!


a sweet pea. said...

thats how i feel. i even tell them that i do not need their help. if i need it, ill ask for it. now leave me alone, thank you.
it doesnt seem to process....

you are so sweet, and your comment made me smile =)
it doesnt help me very much that i tend to be a pleaser..
and i'm glad to be considered a friend to someone i dont even know.

Rebecca said...

Sweet Pea:
I agree with Bonnie. I am a closet people pleaser at times and there is nothing in the world that I can ever do that will always make everyone happy--so I am learning to just stop. I know it's easier said than done, but we just have to let go sometimes or else it will drive us crazy!

a sweet pea. said...

i try. i really do. its just hard sometimes....

Rebecca said...

I know you do! We just have to remind ourself that we can't do it alone, God will help!

sweet pea. said...

you're so right