Friday, June 03, 2011


i organized the pantry today.
well, i cant really claim that
because i did not actually finish.
but i got pretty far.
the only things i have left
are the mixing bowls,
the biiiiiiig containers,
the pots and pans,
and the empty glass jars.
we only have about a million.

funny thing, though.
i thoroughly enjoyed it.

maybe the fridge is next?


Becca said...

Nothing weird about that! I'll admit that it is SUCH a good feeling when I organize our pantry! Did I miss something-did you get your own place?

Heather said...

Well done :)
This happens to me one of my favourite tasks.
As soon as my flatmates left, I organized the kitchen. I alphabetized the herbs and spices, amalgamated the bits and bobs of not quite finished packs of pasta and rice, threw out all the out of date and unidentifiable jars from the fridge and defrosted the freezer. I love that there's noone around to mess it up anymore.
Is it bad that I enjoy it so much??

Becca said...

No ti's not bad at all! Everything you listed is what I LOVE to do on a night when my husband isn't around!