Monday, June 20, 2011


ive been given the sweetie award. from brianne.
shucks....... im flattered =))

so i have to answer some questions..

What's your favorite sweet thing to eat (or drink)?
peanut butter. slathered about an inch thick on a piece of lightly toasted toast.
with a dollop of homemade jam on top.
or fresh strawberries. yummmm.

Have you ever dreamed that Candyland was a real place? 
i never even played that game, so no =P

If there were a flavored brand of bubbles, what flavor would you get? 
ooh, thats difficult. i dont know. something sweet but tart.
maybe peach?

Have you ever been kicked out of a bakery for smelling everything?
no. you can get kicked out for that?? :o

What's your favorite kind of tea? 
hot kind.
raspberry. and peach.

Strawberry or Red Velvet? 
strawberry. i dont really like red velvet.
its waaaaaaaaaaaay too sweet for me =/

Have you ever poured a jar of sprinkles in your mouth? 
nope, not that i remember. thats kinda gross, actually.
i dont think sprinkles even taste like anything.

Admit it: you've eaten icing straight out of the jar, haven't you? 
once or twice. when it was chocolate icing.
other than that, i dont like jarred icing.
its (also) too sweet for me.

Have you ever drooled while watching a cooking show? 
nope, never. i did have oogly eyes, though. example:
some of that stuff looks sooo good!!!

and now i have to tag people??
come onnn!!!!
okay well i tag
heather (cuz she leaves me sweet comments)
poemsaboutpeas (for obvious pea reasons)
(cuz they also leave me comments,
sweet ones)
and haze (cuz shes a sweetie)


bbonnieblue said...

Congrats, sweet pea! You deserve every award you receive! I like peach stuff too!

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you are a real sweetie. I suddenly felt guilty for not being here lately. :)

Thank you, sweetpea!

Heather said...

Thank you lovely <3
Sorry that I am only just catching up.
You are the sweetest :) x