Thursday, June 09, 2011

ohhhh Lordy

my sinuses.
my poor sinuses.
tuesday. i was in choir, sucking away on spearmint mints. yummm. and singing. and then i realized that i was slightly difficult to sing. and to swallow. im not sure what i thought it was, but im positive that my initial reaction was something along the lines of "oh its nothing, itll pass." well. from there, it just progressed. to the worse end. i woke up wednesday with everything inside my head (from right under my nose, up) hurting. ugghhhh. not a great thing to awaken to, i promise. and then today, thursday, pretty much the same thing. it wasnt quiiite so bad, but i was very nasally-sounding all day. even now. and it kind of hurts a little to talk. and the top of my nose is clogged, and i feel like...... i dont even know. i just feel bleh.
if i come down with a fever in the next few days, i will not be the most surprised person that ever lived.
so to life, to my sinuses, to the change in air, to whatever else:


Dandalily said...

I hope you get better soon lovely and by the way i've tagged you.

Anonymous said...

Oh no!! I hope you are feeling better now!!


Nick Thomas said...

Chewing mints in the choir sounds like a receipe for choking, epecially when the choir director says "okay, now everyone take a deep breath..."

L.A Speedwing said...

Hi sweet pea, it is been a while since I hadn't visited your website. So you got sick, poor you! I hope you are feeling better and no fever, except maybe party fever! If not party fever, then dream fever! I think it would suit be better! Am I right? ;-)