Tuesday, June 21, 2011


dandalily tagged me. so here i go.

the things in bold are what you have to include, and you must tag someone/some people & their blogs that you adore and link it back to me,
         I choose you:             

i think... i should get my feelings together
i thought... i had it all under control
i think... i might need to accept that dinner invitation

i thought... i was better at avoiding things
i think... i need to see the sun rise

i thought... that id feel better by now
i think... i should write more

i thought... id have close to forever
i think... about my future often
i thought... id be farther than i am

i think... i should
i thought id think of more thoughts but i already think too much


Dandalily said...

I knew you'd kill it. I hope you did get around to seeing the sun rise.

Anonymous said...

i love the i thinks and i thoughts things :)

oh, sun rise is lovely. see them with a pen in hand :)

Anonymous said...

The last line makes me smile!


Short Poems said...

Nice site you have here!

Heather said...

I thought I knew what I wanted
I think I'm only starting out. <3