Tuesday, November 23, 2010

a thing or two about me

  • i normally do not enjoy talking about myself
  • i'm easily bashful-ized (caused to become bashful)
  • i don't wear makeup on a daily basis.
    unless chapstick counts as makeup..
  • when i do wear it, its just on the eyes.
  • i am very attracted to unusual things
    i.e. crazy colored nail polish,
    books with weird covers,
    stories with 50 crazy twists somehow packed in,
    toe socks with decals of a monkey holding a candy cane (i have these),
    blue or purple swans,
    animal rings, or any animal jewelry
    conversations with zhushma
    crazy photographs
  • my work's number is saved as "My Love" in my phone =)
  • i can't dance
  • i laugh a ridiculously large amount.
  • i love love candy canes. if i received a box or 12 in the mail, i would be very pleasantly surprised =)
  • i enjoy tea quite a bit.
    even though it burned me..
  • i text a lot. but only if the textees reply.
  • i do not like to call anyone, on the phone. ever.
  • i like debates. i find them interesting and fun.
  • i love to write, but half the time have nothing to write about.
  • i use smileys A LOT =) =D =P =]
  • i do not use the phrase "lol" ever.
  • peanut butter may very well be the love of my life
  • my bath water is probably a substantial number above 120°F
    i am unaware of the exact temperature, for i have no thermometer =(
  • i write incredibly small, which might be the reason i like the small print so much...
  • often, i surprise even myself to a point of speechlessness.


Mohammed J. said...


very interesting

Katie said...

I adore your blog :)

Katie said...

also, adore is my new favorite adjective. just thought I'd let you know.

Mohammed J. said...

oh, i'm writing for 2 popular magazines here in egypt now, so they're going to publish my articles.
pretty exciting yeah?

i'm happy u got excited! lol

send me ur e-mail, i'll send u one of the articles that i wrote for next month's issue, a sneak peak for pea :)

Alex said...

you must REALLY love yourself... because you are also unusual... in a good way!

a sweet pea. said...

ohhhh. :o
crazy exciting =P

no, not really. i dont exactly consider myself unusual. mostly cuz unusual doesnt even begin to cover it. =)

bbonnieblue said...

and you are kind...

a sweet pea. said...

you think so?
well thank you =)