Friday, November 05, 2010

something or other.

i am tired.

so tired

of my friends


putting themselves down.

i hate it

when they talk

like no one

cares about them

because frankly,

i care.

it annoys me

to no end

when they say things

such as

"youre only my friend
out of pity"


"its ok, you didnt want
me there anyways."

i dont say that,

they do.


i don't understand.

if i honestly

didnt want to

be friends with them,

they'd know.

it grates on my nerves

when my friends

complain to me

expecting pity.

i don't do pity parties.

if you're looking for


or empathy,

come to me.

i'll listen

tirelessly, i hope

and try to understand

exactly how you're


and i'll empathize.

something i'm good at.


if you're looking

for someone

to say things like

"poor you, poor you.
its everyone else's fault"

well then,

you have come

to the wrong place.

because like i said,


throw pity parties.

eye for an eye
ear for an ear
on that

will you,

dearest friends?

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