Tuesday, November 23, 2010

thanksgiving??? :o

wow. remember how i was stuck somewhere in september? ummmm.. i'm still stuck.
i know its almost (ALMOST!!!) thanksgiving, therefore i shall write to you a list.
of things i happen to be thankful for.
i started this some time ago, just have not yet been able to transfer it from paper to computer.
*cheeky smile*
i want to get to one thousand.
will update as able.

i am thankful for:
1. the computer (else i wouldn't have this blog =D)
2. pencils
3. music
4. chapstick
5. notebooks
6. work
7. shoes
8. summer
9. winter
10. seasons
11. the color purple
12. books
13. school
14. simple things
15. sharpies  =)
16. miracles
17. songs
18. hands
19. the moon
20. stars
21. God's blessings
22. feet
23. lifesaver mints
24. blue eyes
25. any eyes


bbonnieblue said...

A very good start...I've been doing a "thankful for" on FB each day in November. A very good exercise for me and I plan on beginning a grateful journal...a very healthy thing to do especially when it becomes a daily habit I guess. I do have such a blessed life. Have a great turkey day!

Finding Faith, Purple Rain, and Talking Cows said...

Thanks for the sweet comment and the follow!