Saturday, November 20, 2010

ooh ooh ooh

i have idea.
since i absolutely adore those six word stories,
i will, from now on, dedicate my saturday postings to them.
because i can =)
also because they will compel me to post
just about every saturday.
and will keep you in anticipation.
bwahaha =D
they may or may not tell you about my week.
they may be totally unrelated to anything that happened.
but they will be written by me,
and will perhaps tell you a thing or two about me.
i do hope they feel special.

i've realized that i'm drifting away


bbonnieblue said...

sounds interesting...only 6 words? wow!

a sweet pea. said...

yes, six words.
it really makes you think of what exactly you want to say.

a sweet pea. said...


Whatever said...

I've never heard of six word stories, sounds interesting. Are there any other rules?

Mohammed J. said...


here are 6 words for you:

I'm going to be published soon


thanks for ur support on my blog

a sweet pea. said...

i dont know if there are any specific "rules" or not, but the gist is the 6 words part.
it comes from the writer ernest hemingway. somebody once asked him if he could write a novel in 6 words. so he wrote "For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn."
i guess it just progressed from there......
its fun to try to do it though, in only 6 words

a sweet pea. said...


im so so so so so so happy for you

Alex said...

горошек.... не дрифтай некуда. держись за Божый камень... а все будет хорошо :)

a sweet pea. said...

much much much easier said than done, alex