Friday, December 02, 2011

where are you going, where have you been?

do you see him?
i do.
he's sitting on the arm of it.
sometimes he sits on the actual seat.

you don't see him?
he's wearing a gray suit.
and polished shoes.
and he has nice hair.

how can you not see him??
he's so captivating.
his eyes catch yours,
i mean mine,
and hold them.
and not to state the obvious, but
he's on a bright red couch
in the middle of the sidewalk.

i wonder if anyone else sees him.
what if its just me?
i was walking past one day,
he asked me why
i was in such a hurry.
i almost ignored him.
he asked if i would like to sit
for just a few seconds
and take a load off.

i took him up on the offer.
amazing what 3 seconds can do.
i never speed by anymore.
i always stop
i always sit down
-even if for just a second-
and take a second to breathe.

sometimes i talk.
i usually don't.
he's a very good listener.
he's very patient.
very understanding
and empathetic.

i've seen him stand
once or twice
i've seen him pace.
but he never crosses that
yellow line
like he's trapped behind it
or something.

i wish somebody would see him.
i wish everybody could see him.

i want to help him.
do you see him?


Misfit. said...

I love this! Nice job!

HyperCRYPTICal said...

Love it and would love to see him!

Anna :o]

Helen said...

... I see him.

Gerry/Strummed words said...

Very imaginative take on the photo prompt!

Anonymous said...

the homeless-the invisible man

Barry said...

I like this, it gets me thinking.

Intriguing poem.

L.A Speedwing said...

mmh, it's not my favourites of your work...but i see it's other people's favourites so it's all good. ;-)

L.A Speedwing said...

Oh and what? You know how to read in Russian????

Jinksy said...

A mysterious tale of suspense...

Mohammed J. said...

i'm glad u didn't give up on me :)

Mohammed J. said...

i will meet you someday in this world

Anonymous said...

Dear, thank you for expressing interest in the magazine. I will tell you more about it (including how to submit) when I have finished the website, probably in a few weeks.