Monday, December 26, 2011


"i cant. i caaaant"
she managed between laughs.
"its so haard"

"just for a second. you can do it. now hold still"

she tried to compose herself,
but it didnt work so well.
laughter kept slipping out.
"you dont know how difficult it is.
youre not the one doing it"

"i know, i know.
but its funnier with you. youre the girl, remember?"

"how can i forget?
youre such a guy that even if you were a girl
people would mistake you for a guy"
she retorted lovingly, with a smile.

"ill get you for that later, punk.
now hold still"
but he cracked a smile
and there was laughter in his eyes.

she finally managed to stop laughing
just for a few seconds
and he snapped the polaroid.
she spent the next ten minutes
laughing about it.
he chuckled a few times.
he later named it
'Mustache? or Clown Hat?'
it was published.
became famous.
and he didnt care.

he keeps the original with him, always.
that was the last picture
he took of her.
it was the last picture of her, period.
it was the last day she spent with him.

he misses her.
every day.
all the time.
all the time.


Anonymous said...

that is simply wonderful.

Sarahnemh said...

that is simply wonderful.