Wednesday, December 28, 2011

i still miss you.
but its almost like a dreamy miss
its not longing anymore.
i dont long, yearn, for you anymore.
its not sad anymore.
i'm not sad.
it doesnt hurt anymore.
it doesnt hurt to think about you
to remember you
how you talked
and your silly laugh
and your adorable accent.
you are slowly
little by little
my memory.
i cant say i really mind.
its for the best.
my life is okay,
i must admit.
i leave in nine days.
and i cut my hair.
although im positive you already know.
im sure you know
where i am
how i am
where im going
why im going
how im going
when im going
with who im going.
you have a knack for knowing things.
im sure you know about this, too.
you could easily find it.
easily read it
if you wanted to.
you can easily contact me
talk to me
write me
see me
if you wanted to.
even if you dont, though.
i will be alright.
i will be fine.

you should be too.

take care of yourself.


quixotic.knight said...

I think this is fantastic stuff !!

Quixotic Knight

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of your strength and relieved to hear of your healing.

sweet pea. said...

thank you, knight.
and thank you, gwenyth.

=) <3

Rain said...

that is lovely, beautifully written. good luck on your new adventure in life.