Thursday, December 08, 2011

the girl.

it reminds me so much of the book
1984 by George Orwell.
at first i thought they were puppets
because of the metal bars
on the left.

in the middle of a long workday
(14.3 hours to be exact)
they are allowed one lunch.
they all eat together,
in one room.

in the lunchroom full of men,
everyone looks down
no one meets anyone's eyes.
no one wants to see the emotion within.
pain, fatigue, shame.

there is but one girl.
dresses like a man
works like a man
eats like a lady
why she works there, no one knows.
how old she is, no one knows.
where shes from, no one knows.

rumour has it
her father died
mother fell ill
she has no brothers
and 2 younger sisters.

she keeps to herself always
does not even let her eyes flicker.
never says a word.

the men,
they don't care.
they can't.

i know, though.
the sash her aunt gave her
once on a visit.
said red was the color of sin,
the color of desire,
the color of appetite.
she wears it always
her aunt went missing 3 days later.
she hates questions
hates when people probe and pry.
thats why shes quiet

i dont know how i know
its like i  can hear her thoughts
and sometimes i think
she can hear mine.
(im in the green, with the drink)


Charleen said...

Very interesting. It has a sci-fi kind of feel to it. I liked it!

Anonymous said...

lovely little snapshot

Helen said...

I read your Magpie aloud .. the flow of your words is magical.