Wednesday, May 25, 2011

you'll know this is for you

when you read this,
if you read this,
 you will know its for you.
without a doubt.

i dont know if you come here anymore
or if you even know the url to here
but in case you do,
i want to tell you something.

i know we havent spoken
or communicated for a long long while.
but its not all my fault either.
takes two to tango, remember?
doesnt seem like youre going
out of your way to talk to me either.

but that aside,
i still love you more than ever
and you can bet that ill never stop
and whatever may come
or go
you'll always hold
a special place
in my heart.

remember all the stuff i wrote you?
if youre anything like me,
then you still have it all.
well, i meant it.
all of it.
every word.

if you were truly honest with me,
then i know more about you
than almost any person.
and i dont take that lightly.
its a very serious thing
to know someones heart
so closely and so well.

v kinda hurt me with
the stuff he said
because despite what he may think,
i do still care about you
more than you know
and even though i may seem
like im drifting far away
(who knows, maybe i am),
youre never far from my thoughts.
i wonder about you
i wonder
about your well being
about your heart
about your mind
about your feelings
and how youre doing

i miss you.
i want to talk to you,
but im scared.
i dont want you to snap at me
you know youre perfectly capable.
but even so
i want to talk to you
like i used to talk to you
two years ago.

reading this, i hope you understand
a bit of whats up in my heart right now

if you ever do read this,
you'll know its for you
you'll know for sure.
and i surely hope you do.


bbonnieblue said...

I hope he/she happens by and reads your heart...

sweet pea. said...

thanks bonnie

Rain said...

I hope so too.

Dandalily said...

I think you must be in my head because I swear I've scribbled words similar to this everywhere, but you've done this so beautifully, i love it and hope that they do stumble across this.

sweet pea. said...

thanks, rain.
and dandalily; i think we all feel something like this sometimes. and places like this might be the easiest to get feelings like that out there..

Jingle Poetry said...

a valid conversation shall clarify things.

beautiful message sent, bless both of you.

Jingle Poetry said...

Welcome join poetry potluck week 37 today,

Share your poetry, enjoy the spotlight.

Bless your MondaY!

as always, your talent is sunshine to us.


sweet pea. said...

valid conversation?
i wish =/