Friday, May 06, 2011


i really dont know what made me write this
because i have actually been quite happy lately.
but anyway.

Oh heavy heart of mine.
why must you drag me so?
is it too much for you, my heart?
to see me up, and see me go?
Oh, weary heart of mine
why must you be so painful?
whatever have i done to you
to make you so disdainful?
Oh tortured heart of mine
forgive me for tormenting you
you see, its hard to make you happy
when the rest of me is blue
Oh wounded heart of mine
How precious are you, dear, to me
im sorry for allowing them to hurt you
and that i did not set you free
Oh dearest, healing heart of mine
tell me im forgiven
then ill gather you, protect you
and try my best to keep on livin.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure your heart will forgive you after this poem. It feels quite positive, at the end to me, despite the sad start. I can relate to it too.

Jingle said...

bless you.

Hope things work out for you.
lovely entry,

Heather said...

It's okay, you're forgiven. Just set me free and let me breathe.
Happy Heart of Thine.

I love the last line. Perfect finish.
Sometimes when we're felling happier, it's easier to reflect. <3

Judy Roney said...

I'm glad you are feeling well and that this just came from the creative you!

Becca said...

I know the feeling of a heavy heart...I very much enjoyed your poem:)

Nice to chat again!

Anonymous said...

beautifully written.

Jillien said...

this was wonderful!!! I loved the meter and the rhyme. It was perfect. Sad but uplifting.


Judith C Evans said...

I was really touched by the way you spoke to your wounded heart. Beautiful poem!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful rhythm, great poem!

sweet pea. said...

thank you thank yo thank you, for all your comments <3 <3 <3

Anonymous said...

Lovely poem, moving

Lena said...

Ahhhh! That was a lovely ending. The message really is to 'look after your heart'!