Friday, May 13, 2011

award giveage

1. explain award
2. explain why award was created
3. give award to jim suldog
4. inform suldog; force suldog to accept award
5. enjoy post that makes fun of award giver (i.e. me)

definition/explanation of award:
given to person who makes fun of people
in the funniest way.
"maker funner of-er"
is a person who makes fun of

this award was created (by me) because
suldog makes fun of people
he had a whole post on me,
and i couldnt stop laughing.
i had to stop READING a few times
because i was laughing so hard.
he does not have an award for such a talent.
i decided to change that.

i give this award to.........

4 and 5
are in progress.

by the way, suldog. this font size is for you. and give it your best. burn, fry, and sizzle away. i wont be offended. i am READY to take on all the things you can say by laughing hysterically.


Ivan Toblog said...

He hasn't got a hair on his *ss if he doesn't respond. And you can tell him I said so.

Suldog said...

My Darling Sweet Pea:

I gave a link to the site you requested. It's in my blogroll at the bottom. I think you'll like the way I labeled it.

As for this award, I'll consider it. I really have more-or-less given up writing on a regular basis (although, obviously, I did just post something.) We'll see. Maybe I'll get really bored and feel like flaying your lovely ass one more time :-)

Suldog said...

For better or worse, it is done...