Tuesday, May 31, 2011

but i really dont know

why things are the way they are.

i had a lovely time at camp this weekend. and a fabulous time in atlanta last weekend. i should just start doing fun things every weekend. its very refreshing.

2 of my close friends have  gotten into an argument once again.
and once again, im a middleman (woman).
i hope they work it out; it hurts my heart to see them like this.

i love work, but its becoming sort of a drag =P

i dont update here as much as id like

i dont write as much id like,
or as much as i used to.

im trying to eat healthier
and spend less money

im very excited to be the maid of honor
in my cousins wedding <3

i need to stop staying up till 2am

i have memorized psalm 90.
in russian.

i want to weigh 115 again.
i have zero clue how far away i am.

havent been reading much lately,
and i miss it.


Becca said...

Dear Sweet Pea:
First of all.....Hi! I know it's been awhile, but I'm still here!

I'm glad to hear that camp was fun!

I always hated getting in the middle of other friends arguing, it always puts you in such a bad spot-I hope that situation resolves soon.

I love this post-it's basically everything that I've been thinking too! And I'm also a maid of honor in a wedding!

I sincerely hope you have a great day today-talk to you soon!

Barry said...

The main thing is you're still around. Just write what you feel, whenever you feel it.

I'm not writing as much lately either but I love that you make time for my blog. It means a lot.