Sunday, January 30, 2011

its you. not me.

i didnt change,
your opinion of me did.

and believe me
that is enough to change anyone
in your own eyes.

i didnt change,
your expectations of me did.

and frankly,
thats enough to have anyone transform
right before your very eyes.

i didnt change,
your assumptions of me did.

and really
thats enough to alter anyone
in the eye of the beholder.

my thoughts havent changed.
i do not think differently.
and you wouldnt know.
for you never knew what i was thinking
in the first place.

and change
is almost
ever so



Anonymous said...

Oh, this was lovely. You write so poetically, so are truly a gem, my dear.

Thank you for sharing your gift with the rest of us. I feel at ease reading the words by which you sew so neatly and elegantly (for they feel sewn across my heart)

Norah x

sweet pea. said...


mckenzie. said...

Yes, yes. So true. I cannot stand being accused of changing when it is baseless and untrue! x

Becca said...

Nice. Very though provoking:)

sweet pea. said...

yep, i know just how you feel.

well thank you =P

Ayesha Monique said...

You write really well, and its really relatable. Thanks for sharing

sweet pea. said...

thank you.
and anytime =)

Katie Marie said...

i love this! so many times i feel these thoughts in my head and just have no idea how to put them in words. thank you!

sweet pea. said...

so very welcome, katie =)

Jingle said...

love the simple form.



Anonymous said...

This is so honest, fresh and true. I understand were you are coming from, it is a rarely thing to be true seen and understood.

dan roberson said...

Writing from the heart is always a good option. You expressed yourself very well.

Mia said...

a genius piece full of streanth
and self worth.
Loved it!


UmaAnandane said...

Honest and powerful words

Olivia said...

I know this feeling! Have been there once myself!!

Very well said- intense and vivid..

Hugs x

sweet pea. said...

thanks, jingle.
honeyhaiku: yep, it really is.
thank you dan, and mia. and uma and olivia.

Jingle Poetry said...

welcome join us again.

will place your link in our blog roll within a week.

super busy these 3 days.