Wednesday, January 12, 2011


and i am well.
i am aware of the fact that i went completely
MIA there for about a week and a half.
no, i was not in a terrible car accident.
no, i did not trip my way off a cliff.
no, i was not involved in any shootings.
no, i did not fall off my bike and smash my head open.
no, i was not the victim of a hit and run.
no, i did not fall off the face of the earth.
no, i am not hospitalized.
yes, everything is fine.
i am alive and well.
oh computer, computer, how i've missed you so!
the computer broke is all.
happened while i was at work.
i come home, and my siblings tell me that
"oh, the computer broke.
it just died on us and then
it wouldn't turn back on."
me: "what????......................"
i was computerless for a whole entire.....
like 9 days or so. maybe a few more.
it was so sad.
but im back now!!!!!
they went out and bought a new desktop.
i went out and bought me a netbook.
oh its so cute, you should see it.
just like a baby laptop. so darling.

you missed out on oh so much. ish.
i got through the first 12 days of 2011.
the 7th was the Russian christmas.
i started school.
2 classes.
just monday wednesday friday.
i love college, i really do.

my new obsession song:

oh she is just so precious.


bbonnieblue said...

Good to have you back up and running! Congrats on your new little one...

Take care now,

rivercat said...

Didnt know you had a child... Pretty girl.

Rebecca said...

I love netbooks too! I'm confused, is that your little girl in the video?

sweet pea. said...

thanks bonnie!

wait wait wait.
you guys are confusing me.
thats not my daughter in the video. i dont even know the girl. its just a song i found, and i thought it was adorable.

the baby that i mentioned in the post is a baby laptop, a netbook.

bbonnieblue said...

I was referring to your new little laptop...sorry but made for interesting conversation!

rivercat said...

I see now. I love the netbooks too...mynbook is really small and very light.

Heather said...

That video is amazing.
"one day, I'm gonna whistle" x

Rebecca said...

Ok I thought you meant your new computer when you referred to your "baby" as well but thanks for clarifying! That little girl is adorable!

sweet pea. said...

but thank you bonnie. if only i understood right away that you were referring to my netty (yes, i named it already!!) i would have kept the conversation going. and for that, i apologize. it really did make for interesting convo
i only wish he wasnt quite so expensive... =(

thats one of the things i love so much about it. its so tiny and mini and super cute and so light and convenient and takes up hardly any space.


=P anytime. i tend to be confusing at times, so sorry =( i really dont mean to be. its just that everything makes perfect sense in my head, but when i try to share it, it can get a bit jumbled up and stuff....