Thursday, January 13, 2011

if i may

im going to do a slight tweakage on the rules of the honest scrap award. i shall take it, and award it to just ONE MORE person who i think really deserves it. i cant even believe how i left them out :o
with it, though, i will also share one more honest thing about the myself. so get ready, here we go.

i would like to also award it to:
becca/rebecca at My Life and Me. i think ive been following her blog ever since she started it, and if she doesnt write from the heart, then i am not aware of what she writes from. her feet, perhaps?

sorry becca, for leaving you out. it was an accident, i promise. =(

fact about me number..........8? 9?
i am an obnoxiously perfectionistic speller. if a word is spelled incorrectly, and i'm not entirely sure what the actual spelling is, it will drive me nuts until i find out. when a word is spelled incorrectly and i cant fix it, i try my hardest to ignore it (doesnt really work.) and i will not write a word if i do not know the correct spelling for it. i just cant. it messes with my sanity.


Anonymous said...

I want to thank you for following me, you lovely girl.
You save me.
You make me real.
You make this, all of this; all the writing and crying and laughing and sighing- all of it, real.
Thank you.

Becca said...

Sweet Pea you are so kind. Thank you for the award! I am so honored that you follow my blog! You were one of my first friends and have been a faithful follower. :-)

Becca said...

Do I need to pass along the award and do the other stuff then? I'm new at this!