Wednesday, May 16, 2012

yellow means happy

i made me cry today.
not really really cry,
just a few streaming tears.
i read something
i had once written.

its almost difficult
to believe, imagine
that i was once filled
with such emotion.

i thought i had lost it
i thought the wall had
been built up again
but i was wrong.

i am so so homesick
more than ever.
and yet
i do not have a home.
i have nowhere i can
truly call home.
i feel like a nomad,

by anyone.

i have so many questions for God.
but i know that if its not for me to know,
He will not answer me.
so i will wait.
i will wait on Him.
my timing is not His timing.
i will ask for patience,
and i will wait patiently.

.my heart hurts.

1 comment:

haze said...

Hang in there, sweet pea.