Wednesday, May 02, 2012


"sometimes i feel as if i am being watched"
he reads
"sitting in transparent glass,
free for all
to analyze and scrutinize.
like a butterfly in a glass jar
or a goldfish in its bowl
like a tadpole in a clear pond,
or an insect in a flask.
or maybe like a firefly
captured for its light"

'hmm.' he thinks
at times, i feel that way too.'

"sometimes i feel as if i am being watched"
he reads


Sreeja said...

Hmmm..being watched is sometimes really irritating....nice write.

Kutamun said...

I think you have hit on something that is very topical and prevalent in modern globalised corporatized homogenised societies,

Helen said...

Google and Facebook know all, see all.

Hopefully it's just a little healthy paranoia?

haze said...

i like this.
oh dear, i miss doing magpie.

Christine said...

we do exist in a glass world, you can't walk in a city without 5 cameras on you at all times (some crazy person told me this one)

Anonymous said...

paranoid, isn't he?

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