Wednesday, August 03, 2011

and when youre forbidden to do what you love,
that is when passion truly dies.
hope diminishes
and joy gets lost somewhere
in the dark hallways
of your unforgiving heart.
and with the absence of joy,
depression sets in.


Rebecca said...

Amazing. I'm too stunned at how close I can related to this to formulate a better comment.

One of my favourite posts on blogger I've read so far.

Anonymous said...

this is so true and completely relevant to me at the moment. i am trying very hard to do what is in my heart, despite people and circumstances trying to set me back again and again. the melancholy slowly seeps in...

Heather said...

So we need to build a new passion.
Or find ways of doing it anyhow.
The hallways may be dark but it's amazing how much light a single candle can give off.
As long as you have hope, you can get through it.