Friday, February 11, 2011

on love day

valentines day is only a few (3!!!!!) days away.
and i do not think i could be more excited.
well actually, i could. bit it would be difficult to get to that point.
point being, I AM SO SO SO EXCITED!!!!

i have a date.
my first valentines date ever.
one of my good friends asked me if id be her valentine
of course, i said yes.
she then informed me that i was going to be taken on a date. to a sushi restaurant. . sushi. SUSHI!! i love sushi =D (not all of it though, because i despise fish. but california rolls are just plain delicious. and they have other ones like veggie rolls, cream cheese rolls, avocado rolls......)
the restaurant is in the downtownish part of the next city over from mine. they have a few plazas there, and its very pretty
me and her, and 2 more of our good friends (one of whom is my valentine), are gonna get all dressed up and stuff, and go fill our tummies with sushi. yummmm. and then we are planning on walking around and taking pictures, and then we are going to have ice cream for dessert, from one of the many ice cream shops.
i got a present for my valentine. its an adorable little teddy bear holding a heart. he is soo cute, and i think she will love him.

what are you doing for the big v day?

oh, and one more thing.
im a single lady
one of my friends that i recently met
asked me to be his valentine
im allowed to be more than one person's valentine.... right??
i said id love to be =D,
and asked him if he wants to be mine.
this year, i have my first guy valentine ever!!!
its so so so so soooooo exciting!!
<3 tons of love to you all.
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


Becca said...

Awww! I am so excited for you! That sounds like the best date ever! My hubby and I LOVE sushi!!!

I think that I am going to cook some New Orleans style BBQ shrimp over rice and have a nice low-key dinner with hubby and maybe 2 of our friends.

bbonnieblue said...

sweet pea! my heart is so happy for you!!! Enjoy your sushi and your valentine date(s). I love it when you are happy! You make me happy too!

sweet pea. said...

thanks becca!! im so excited for it. and that dinner actually sounds very good. =)

awww bonnie, thanks. i hope i will very much enjoy the sushi and the date =D

your comments made me smile =)
thanks for making my day.
and maybe ill dedicate a post to my date.... with pictures :o

toll then, God bless! =)

Becca said...

We want pictures!

sweet pea. said...

alrighty, i will post pictures galore!!! =D