Sunday, October 31, 2010


just as a word of well-thought advice to you guys, don't spill hot tea on yourself. i'm totally serious. its very painful.
where did i come up with such amazing advice?
well, ill tell you.

i'm going to do a few mid-story interruptions, so as to fill you in on a thing or two.
the story will be in this color, the interruptions in this color.
just for fun.
today is sunday. a day i  go to church. so i wake up this morning against my will. (me and mornings don't get along very well. we usually have a fight about whether or not i have to wake up for it..) and me being me, i like to drink a cup of tea or coffee when i am awakened from blissful slumber. so i drag myself into the kitchen and sit at the table. i tend to sit crisscross, so thats how i sat. oh, and i also wear short shorts as pajamas. so i'm sitting there, half asleep, and thinking if i should move to get my tea. i decide not to, and ask my sister to make me a cup. just so everyone knows, i like to fill my cup at least 3/4 full of water. so she makes me a cup and sets it in front of me, but only fills it about halfway with water. i wanted to see exactly how much water there was, so i tipped it towards me to check. newsflash for myself. i shouldn't tip anything when i'm half asleep. lucky lucky lucky person i happen to be, the cup slips and i accidentally drop it. not on the floor, though. just on the table. and of course, the tea goes everywhere. especially on me. ok, it wasn't all over me, just on my legs. the parts of me that got burnt: left upper thigh. its small, and not too bad. left foot. also not too bad. right hamstring. its long, but also not horrible. and my right ankle. this one just so happens to be the worst one. it goes from the top of my foot (where foot meets leg) about 4 inches up, and all over the front, back, and inside of my ankle. it took me a second or two to actually realize that there was very very hot water on me!! so it registers, and i process the pain, and get up as fast as a hurt, half asleep person can manage. and also i say "OOWWWWWWW!!" it burned. badly. so i decided to make my way to the bathroom, so i could stick my legs into cold water. the water wasn't cold enough though, so i just concentrated on not screaming or crying, and breathing. it burned like crazy for ten minutes straight, but then subsided a little. my pops (dad) brought me some pain relieving cream, and i applied it. then put on a pair of soft, long socks, and went back to bed. at that point, the worst owie was burning cold. meaning it was freezing. so cold that it burnt. i managed to fall asleep, then woke up a few hours later. while i slept, the bad burn had acquired 3 blisters. all little, one slightly bigger than another. all right next to each other. they burned. so i looked up some burn remedies, and saw that honey is supposed to help. got some honey, put it all over the burn. it really neutralized the pain. so now i have honey all over my ankle, and my legs are nice and red in some places. ha. it still burns and stings a little, but its bearable. i hope i heal quickly, though i don't think it will take more than a few days. maybe a week or 2 at most.

heres a picture
the white is my sock. the shiny grainy stuff is the honey.
the bubble in the middle right... thats the bubble.
i decided that i must  write something to show how i feel.
so here it is, i'm making it up as i go along.
dearest Morning,
i truly hope you know how much you suck. you always want me to wake up when you come along. newsflash, you're not quite that special. i know you really love me and want me to spend quality time with you. but... i just don't share the attraction. i'm sorry. if this whole burning scenario is your way of getting back at me for not waking up whenever you're around, then you're cheap. for your information, if you do not remember correctly, i have been awakening before 12 for over a full week now. is that not enough for you?? do you must try and make my life miserable?? i mean seriously. do you really have to put me through pain to try to get me to love you? to be very honest, i do love you. id love to spend more time with you. but remember Insomnia? yeah, well that. most nights i'm fine for the most part, but Insomnia manages to creep over every few nights and keep me awake. i try to fight it, i tell it i'm tired, that i have to get up early. but it'll have none of it. it relentlessly keeps me awake. sometimes half the night, sometimes all night. so you see, its not entirely my fault.
i forgive you for putting me through this pain today.
and i'm sorry that i don't always get up for you. ill try to be a better waker upper when you're around. i cant promise anything, but i will make an honest effort. fair?
truly yours, Sweet Pea.

oh, and i'd very much appreciate it if you beat up Insomnia for me. i don't much like being kept awake into the wee hours. thank you.

even after this whole ordeal, i'm still going to work tomorrow. i was thinking about calling off, but decided against it. i love that place. ill just wear pants that don't touch the burn. or ill roll up my pants. either one should be alright.
thats my day for ya... how was yours?


bbonnieblue said...

burns are so painful..I hope you heal quickly! Have morning do in insomnia for me too - please - my recliner and my quilt are my nite buddies when I can't sleep tho...and I have to turn the TV on just for background noise. Here's to a painless, good nite's sleep!

a sweet pea. said...

yeah.... i think im healing, but im not sure. its so much more red than it was.

ill ask morning to give insomnia a good one far you. i dont think he'll mind too much =P
me, i usually take a really hot bath or have a cup of tea or something. sometimes helps, sometimes doesnt..