Friday, October 08, 2010


its already the 8th and im STILL trying to accept the fact that its october. wow. why does life have to move so fast?? especially when im trying to enjoy it and i really wouldnt mind if it took its sweet time. just watch, before i even come to terms with october, novemeber will be halfway through. and with it thanksgiving, birthdays,  christmas, more birthdays, new years, still more birthdays, valentines day, my birthday, on and on and on. i dont wanna be older =/ i think im very old enough by now.. but noooooooo, time doesnt care. not one bit. it just keeps going along its merry way, never looking back, never thinking twice, never slowing down. siiiiiiiiiiiiigggghhhhhhhhhh. i shall take everything that comes my way with optimism, grace, and poise. lets hope it doesnt get too difficult.

BUT i have good news!! i started work today =D
not a bad first day, i have to say. it wasnt very long, but still. it was so nice to not be at home during the day. oh, for those that dont know, i work at panera bread. for those who havent heard of it, its a bakery-cafe. uhhhhh, i dont have much to say about it, being my first day and all..... but i am very excited to now have something to do during the day. you should all come visit me sometime. ill recommend the best stuff =)

froot loop.

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