Tuesday, October 26, 2010


i was scrolling through this thing..... my blog....... and came across my october issue. i mean post. it WAS the 8th, and i was still coming to terms with it, trying to get it through my head. it is now the twenty SIXTH, almost the next day, and im still stuck somewhere in august or september.
hey life??? SLOW DOWN A TAD, im not quite as fast as you!! im a mosey-er , remember??
im not liking this. this fast-paced-ness. it feels like time, and my life, are flying past at ridiculous speeds, and im just standing here trying to understand what exactly is happening =(

oh, i promised something about work. haha.
panera bread is my workplace, its a bakery-cafe. long story short, i love working there. what i do: make salads and sandwiches, pour soups, set up and align trays, and occasionally run the orders to the customers. restock everything that needs to be restocked, and basically be on my feet, moving around, for however long my shift happens to be. its hell on my feet (they hurt rrreeeeeeaaaaallllllllyy bad right now), but i love it just the same. im not sure why.
i get made fun of constantly. nonstop. im not even kidding. i think theres just something about me that compels people to poke fun at me, and make jokes about me, and laugh at me all the time, because people laugh at me all the time and everywhere, not just at work. i dunno. my cousin says that i just have a happy-go-lucky personality, and people with those are the most fun to laugh at. im okay with it, though. almost everything they say makes me laugh. which is a good thing, i think. at least im not offended. right?
i think perhaps the funniest part of my working is that i dont want to leave. honestly. i end my shift, and i dont even want to go anywhere. so i just hag around the counter and talk to the people that work with me because im not actually allowed to do any work if its not my shift time. isnt that ridiculous? i think its ridiculous.
my manager just about kicks me out every time. hahaha. here is a scenario of a day last week.

we'll call him "E"
E: okay, thats it, go home.
me: do i have to??
E: yes, you have to.
me: but i love it here!
E: say that again?
me: i love it here!!!
E: oooooookkkkkk.... weirdo
me: no, really. do i have to?
E: yes, you have to! go. shoo. get outta here.
me: uuuuggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.
E: *raised eyebrows*

he was probably thinking something along the lines of "that girl is seriously crazy or somethin....
hahahahha, its hilarious. at least to me.

goodnighto, everyone!


DT said...

hey.. thanks a lot for your sweet huggable comment!! :) feel better!

bbonnieblue said...

I'd like to follow your blog but can't figure out how to. I love Panera and I can understand why you like to stay at work after work. Thanks for following me...I don't have many followers (in fact you make 2)! I do have more followers but not registered. I love to blog even if no one would read what I write...cheap therapy!

a sweet pea. said...

i posted a comment in yours to try and help you with the following.. i dunno if itll help though.
yep, panera's awesome. and part of me staying for so long has something or other to do with the people i work with. theyre awesome i tell you.
well, you dont really have to worry about blogging without readers. cuz heres a reader =D and yayyyy, less money spending on therapists for you =)

bbonnieblue said...

woo hoo - see how smart you are! I clicked on the follow at the top and now! I'm following you. Usually the Followers are listed separately on the side of the blog so I thought that was the only way and you don't have that! Great! This could be habit forming! It is so great that you love your job for so many people don't and having good fellow workers makes life good.

a sweet pea. said...

haha ok, im not THAT smart.. i just like to follow blogs. and found an easy way to do so. hahah.

and i understand. a lot of my friends say things like "uuuuuuggghhhhhhh, i have to work today. it sucks."
i dont get it. im more of "WOOHOO, work today!!!!!!!"