Sunday, September 26, 2010


allow me to inform you about a little something or other.
i attended a job interview today.
i admit i was a bit nervous, but at least i wasnt trembling like a loose leaf in the midst of a hurricane.
i was not trembling at all, actually =)
i did alright, i think.
im not very good at conversing with individuals i have only just met, so that was not particularly a highlight for me. but i only "uhmm"ed maybe once or twice, and i tried to be more on the honest side.
long story short, she offered me the job.
i took it.
i start in about a week.
i do not have any "appropriate" work clothes.
i do not normally wear slacks or dress pants.
i do not own any polos.
i do not have any solid-color button-downs.
and i do not own any slip-resistant shoes.
i must go wardrobe shopping. soon.
i believe i will do so on the morrow.
wish me luck!

cheerio to all,
sweet dreams to myself.


Mohammed J. said...

i don't read a lot of blogs

but i'm a frequent visitor to yours

your comment made me smile

it's always good to know that my writing is appreciated

i like to write in fragments

maybe that's why it's intriguing to you

what's the new job?

tell me more

have a fruitful day

Mohammed J. said...

honestly i can't remember how i came across your blog

probably because you follow a few of my friends' blogs

I'm guessing panera bread is some kind of bakery, that is not in egypt for sure

will be waiting for your post about the job

or e-mail me :)