Wednesday, September 22, 2010

i do realize that i have not updated this blog in almost two years. i was simply getting around to it =P

no title.

oyy. i suppose perhaps ill just start posting up random things on this blog.
might as well, you know? maybe someone will one day, completely by utter accident, stumble upon this, and decide that it might fit into their criteria of "things they like" or something of the sort. until then, ill post to nobody, somebody, and myself.
........and the internet, which just so happens to open up a whole new page of maybes and perhapses. but anyway.
i completely forgot what i was going to say...
seriously, though, i have almost naught to do all day long, and sometimes i sit down and write, but im a bit on the spontaneous side, and routine gets a little boring sometimes. so i stop writing and go on the computer for a while. and i end up looking through tons of pages and whatnot else, and after a while, end up with nothing to do. maybe if i write (type) about my days on here, i would possibly be able to capture some excitement and lead it into my particularly boring days.

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howtobehealthyblog said...

Haha its pretty cool that you have updated your blog after almost 2 years.
I have only just started blogging, well yesterday really, but i have two blogs already.
Only time will tell if i will keep them up.