Thursday, September 23, 2010

inability to obtain sufficient sleep; difficulty in falling or staying asleep; sleeplessness.
why yes, that does seem like what has been ailing me as of late. not that im saying it happens by complete accident. it could be kinda sorta just a tad by choice... because perhaps i dont allow myself to sleep as much as i could.. but its not without reason, i must admit. when i fall asleep, i usually go into a dead sleep and do not wake up for just about anything. at times, it feels safer to not doze off at all so as not to risk the fact that i may not wake up, even though i might have to.
of course, though, as with just about all things pertaining to me, i must say that occasionally, insomnia does strike at a totally inopportune time. when im thoroughly exhausted, for instance. or when i really really REALLY should get some sleep for whatever special occasion i might be obligated to encounter in the morning. then sleeplessness just loves to pounce upon me like a kitten chasing a beam of light., i have no idea where i came up with that comparison. i should really get some sleep, im beginning to lose my own self. and when you stop making sense to yourself, you know youre either going crazy, or youre seriously underslept. and i might be either, seeing as im "the most normal person i have met in all my years of living" haha.
no, i do not actually talk like that ^^^ i tend to speak in a perfectly updated, slangy fashion, although i do wish i could incorporate this vast amount of large vocabulary words into my daily speech. sadly, however, i do not have many highly educated individuals to converse with, and therefore do not have much of a chance to practice this extended, drawn out version of getting across a simple point. till next time, anyone. cheerio.

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Mohammed J. said...

i encourage you to never stop writing

screw procrastination


have a good day