Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day

this is how mine went:
very very very very different from last years.

the girls completely ignored the guys on monday.
i slept for about an hour and a half because i was preparing for the day, so i was thinking id be running on straight caffeine all day. forgot to make coffee, and had to go tutoring and then straight to school, so no coffee. sad face =(
then i got to school, walked in, and as i was standing there rummaging through my binder for something, i was approached with "sweetpea? this is for you" and was presented A VENTI STARBUCKS CUP!!!!! it was like a dream come true, since i was thinking about coffee all morning and didnt manage to get it.
theeeeen, as part of the girls, and our conspiracy, i secretly gave stuff to the guys (or just one guy (; ) all day long. he loved all his stuff. he was one happy guy. teeheehee. then we (all girls) sang for them in the middle of class. the guys seemed so happy, and it looked like they felt very loved, appreciated, and special. hopefully, we made up fpr monday.
THEN the guys passed out starbucks, chocolates, and roses to all the girls. and then sang for us. my my my, i was very impressed. oh, and they were all dressed sooooo nice.
very seriously, every week brings me more and more reasons to fall in love with bible school again and again and again, and i thank the Lord im here. i love it. i truly think we all really really enjoyed our touesday the fourteenth of february very much, despite the fact that a lot of us are single.
so my valentines day was simply magnificent. how was yours??

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Barry said...

I'm glad you had such a nice Valentine's Day! Sorry I haven't been around much lately, we have some catching up to do! =)