Friday, February 03, 2012


i love it here
i love my new home
i love my new family
sure, we dont always get along
but isnt that the beauty of a family?
you dont have to like each other.
you only have to love each other.
i love the classes
even though they can get boring
i love the activities,
even though theyre exhausting.
i am waaaay out of my comfort zone
a lot of the time
and yet i love it.

ive been doing so well
not even thinking of you
remembering you only once in a while
and even then for only a minute or two.
but then
theres a kid who sits around me
and he smells really good
but he smells like you
and you dont know
he doesnt know
cant possibly have a clue
what that does.
i sit in class, and i breathe the air
and the smell of you,
i mean him,
fills my nostrils
which fills my mind
with nostalgic memories
a few things that i had forgotten
even existed in my memories.
i have something to tell you,
and something to ask you
and i hope you take no offense.
you have a piece of my heart
quite a large piece, actually
and you took it, and you have it.
im gonna need that back, please.
you see, you need to understand
i will let you go.
i may not forget you, ever,
but my heart will stop reminiscing you.
i long to talk to you at times,
but i think we've made it clear
even without saying anything.
this silence between us
is companionable.
and im ok with it.
you dont rule my life,
God does.
and you dont have my heart anymore.
God does.
He owns it

i love my new family,
my support group,
my holder uppers.
my companions.
they will help me.
ill get over you.

1 comment:

haze said...

It feels good to be reading you again. Oh my. Thought I've lost you forever.

This is really beautiful.