Thursday, April 14, 2011


i know this guy
hes not from america, so he speaks with an accent.
and instead of saying "youre hot"
or along the lines,
he'll say
"you so spicyyy"
its the funniest thing to hear.


beccagivens said...

ooohhh, I like the sound of "you're spicy!" over "you're hot!" :-) Thanks for sharing!

Meryl said...

GREAT post. I loved it! Short and sweet, no SPICY! Thanks for the smile.

Andy said...

I agree with beccagivens...the accented spicy has a lot more intrigue.

Sharon said...

ooooh haha thats funnyy ;p youreee spicyyyy ;p
have a great weekend :)

Jay said...

You're so spicyyyyyyyyyyy!! I LOVE it! :D